Custom Photo Key Chains

Stand in front of our green screen, our photographer takes your picture, processes and prints it to our lab quality printer. The print is then cut and inserted into a permament plastic key chain.

Your custom information, website, social media info, logo or literally ANYTHING can be included on the non-photo side - or we can print photos on both sides. The background is customizable too!

From start to finish the whole process typically takes less than 3 minutes from taking the photo until finished product.

Long lasting, highly valued and appreciated, this high percieved value product will make your students, employees or guests salivate with desire and giggle with glee when they take home their own customized key chain.

Key Chains are great at the beginning of the semester. Put your calendar of events on one side, their custom picture on the other and enjoy increased attendance at college events all semester long!

Key Chains are a great give away at car dealerships and for corporate branding events too. Make your customers remember you every time they use their keys!