Photo Mugs

2 Guys - 2 CupsStand in front of our green screen, our photographer takes your picture, processes and prints it to special paper, that paper is then heated making the ink a permament, durable and long lasting part of a mug. Your photo along with our unique design elements are literally baked into the pores of the ceramic becoming a permament part of the mug. The image will last as long as the mug does - as long as 20+ years!.

You're guests will line up for photo mugs like never before and we can even include your school or company logo, text, website, literally ANYTHING onto the mug with the photo.

See our new "Motivational Mugs" - choose from over 100 Motivational Quotes to go on your mug!

A gallery of "mug shots". Get it... HA!


  • Dell Computers Admin Symposium MugsDell Computers Admin Symposium Mugs
    Dell Admin Symposium - we put photos on one side and the event logo on the other side. This is the logo side. :-)
  • Dell Computers Admin SymposiumDell Admin Symposium Photo Mugs were a hit
    Our photo mugs were a huge hit at the Dell Admin Symposium
  • Love MugsLove Mugs
    A table full of Valentines!
  • DechairsDeckchairs
    We made this one for a proud Grandpa
  • Don't feed the grease monster
    Custom Mug for a corporate client
  • Don't feed the grease monster
    Money Mugs are fun and inspiring
  • 2 Guys - 2 Mugs2 Guys & 2 Mugs
    2 Guys and 2 Mugs at NVC
  • Great Valentines GiftTaking home a present to Dad
    Taking home a present to Dad
  • Great Valentines GiftA collection of Photo Mugs ready to be picked up
    A Collection of Mugs ready to go to their new homes
  • Mug ShotsSelling the pose!
    Committing to the pose!